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We Offer Local, On-Call, Private Estate Services.


Welcome to our website. We are the top Private Estate Service in Miami Beach. We provide services from South Beach to Golden Beach.

With over two decades of experience we provide on-call nannies, housekeepers, groundskeepers, butlers, handymen, drivers, landscapers, gardeners, auto / boat / pool cleaners, painters, carpenters and general estate support staff to maintain your beautiful South Florida estate. We offer Local, Full-Service Estate Support.


Need a driver on short-notice? Pool guy sick today? Need an extra landscaper or groundskeeper for one day, or just on weekends? We assemble furniture, fix plumbing, clean pools, cars & boats and can manage any of your complex & urgent estate projects.

Do you need same-day service? Have a project or repair that just can't wait until tomorrow?  We can help, Contact us Today!

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